Wilma Williams


Wilma Williams is the CEO and Co-Founder of Garden Healthcare Services Corporation, where she wear many hats. Her sole responsibility is to monitor/plan our clients’ day-to-day care for in home operations. Wilma also works very closely with day to day operations. Previously she was employed in the oil and gas industry for 25 years, where she handled all financial obligations, financial planning, financial research, problem solving, and computer software. She has a strong background in every day issues, improving productivity and leadership effectiveness. Wilma currently has an Associate’s degree in Business Management from Houston Community College, and currently attend The University of Houston for her BA in Business Management.

Robert Williams


Robert Williams is the CFO for Garden Healthcare Services Corporation. With 25 years of business experience; 15 years in healthcare and 13 years in the oil & gas sector. Robert’s sole responsibility is to oversee all financial obligations, claims processing, billing, payroll, financial planning, while working in other areas of business his experiences are 2nd to none, which include but not limited to: logistical services, customer services, billing, small and large project(s) document manipulation and implementation. While working in the oil and gas sector, Robert traveled abroad to Singapore for training on new data software in accident/incident tracking & financial structures. Robert wants to use home healthcare as a way to bring communities together for positive change. Robert currently has an AS in Business Management from Houston Community College and currently attend The University of Houston where he is pursuing his BA in Business Management.

Karen Jefferson


Karen Jefferson brings 20+ years of experience to the healthcare industry starting her career as a claims examiner. She holds a BS in Business Administration from Grambling State University, which prepared her for a rewarding career in the industry. One of Karen's missions is to help others through community service and volunteer work. She is heavily involved in different charities working with the elderly, disabled and women and children.

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